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1.1.2 Latin
A Summary of Classical Latin Pronunciation (from Vox Latina)
a short  As first a in Italian amare (as vowel of English cup:  not as cap)
a long   As second a in Italian amare ( as a in English father)
ae       As in English high
au       As in English how
b        (1) As English b
         (2) Before t or s: as English p
c        As English or (better) French `hard' c, or English k
ch       As c in emphatic pronunciation of English cat
d        As English or French d
e short  As in English pet
e long   As in French gai or German Beet
ei       As in English day
eu       pronounced as a quick slide from e to y (see below).
f        As English f
g        (1)     As English `hard' g
         (2)     gn: as ngn in English hangnail
h        As English h
i short  As in English dip
i long   As in English deep
i cons   (1) As English y
         (2) Between vowels: = [yy]
k        As English k
l        (1) Before vowels: as l in English lay
         (2) Before consonants and at end of word: as l in English field or hill
m        (1) At the beginning or in middle of word: as English m
         (2) At the end of word (after a vowel): as in French nasalized vowel
n        (1) As n in English net
         (2) Before c, g, qu: as n in anger
         (3) Before fricatives (f, s) somewhat assimilated
o short  As in English (R.P.) pot (not American pot)
o long   As in French beau or German Boot
oe       As in English boy
p        As English or (better) French p
ph       As p in emphatic pronunciation of English pig
qu       As qu in English quick
r        As in Scottish `rolled' r
s        As in English sing or ss in lesson (N.B. never as in English roses)
t        As English or (better) French t
th       As t in emphatic pronunciation of English terrible
u short  As in English put
u long   As in English fool
u cons   As English w
ui       No English equivalent but think of slurring ooi
x        As English x in box
y        As in French u or German u (umlaut)
z        (1) As English z
         (2) Between vowels: = [zz]
         (3) Perhaps in rendering some Greek words: = [zd]